2020 Innovations for Dry Eye Therapy

2020 will prove to be an excellent year for innovations in dry eye care and all health therapies.

Recently multiple papers have come out & one recently by Dr. Pfugfelder and some colleagues from Harvard, Dr. Perez, Dr. Hamrah, Dr. Foster, Dr. Afshari, Dr. Dana, and my old mentor at NY Eye & Ear, Dr. Seedor, demonstrating the effectiveness of Topical Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factor (Cenegermin: Labelled under Oxervate by Drug Company Dompe Farmaceutici SpA, Milan, Italy) to heal persistent epithelial defects on the cornea (from multiple causes, including dry eye & Meibomian Gland Dysfunction).

Oxervate currently is $97000 per eye for 6wks. It works great but is very expensive. Autologous Serum and Platelet-rich plasma also works great for persistent epithelial defects. Cord Blood Serum works even better, which has human growth factor which is harder to get but much less expensive.

Still, many great minds are working on the epidemic of chronic eye pain that seems to affect more people each day, particularly younger children. We know electronic screen use is to blame but it will take many more years to prove causation (just like it took years to “PROVE” smoking causes cancer).

More innvations coming are below.
I am looking forward to the smart watch that can tell you how humid your enviromenment is & what is the allergy levels outside (that tech is pending) & pollution levels…


CES 2020: The Wows in Health Tech InnovationCES
This year at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES), over 4,400 exhibiting companies from industries ranging from gaming to digital health showcased their latest products and technologies. The Medical Futurist team compiled the most exciting digital health products from this year’s show. Among them:
  1. ECG & sleep apnea detection from your wrist
  2. A bath mat that monitors your weight, posture and body composition
  3. A device for gamifying physical therapy for stroke patients
  4. A handheld tool that packs a stethoscope, a thermometer, an electrocardiogram and seven other diagnostic devices
  5. A smartwatch for skin care that measures ambient temperature, humidity, sun exposure, luminosity, noise, indoor and outdoor pollution levels


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