Another child 14yo with severe Meibomian Gland loss in both lower eyelids and severe corneal scarring of left cornea with loss of best corrected vision and will need a corneal transplant. 

Severe Meibomian Gland Disease.
This 14 year old girl is on some type of screen 7-8 hrs per day (which includes hours at school) but that may not be the only thing going on.
We are waiting for labs to return.
In the meantime, we are encouraging her to avoid screen time and blink frequently when she has to be on screens.

We will likely be giving out doctors notes to such students so they can be given books instead of screens.

1st photo shows a feeder blood vessel leaving a white scar on the left cornea. We will try to laser the blood vessel but it has already done its damage.
2nd photo shows severe loss of Meibomian glands of left eye.
3rd photo shows also significant loss of glands.

Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

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