Back from Vacation: Record Number of Texts and Emails About Styes from Family & Friends during trip

 My father-in-law recently died so we went to Europe to support my mother-in-law. As I was heading to the airport, I got the first text about a new stye (also spelled sty) from a dear neighbor. I sent my usual instructions, including a short video, and called in an antibiotic/steroid cream to her pharmacy. 

As we boarded the plan and they asked everyone to turn off their wifi, I got the second from a dear friend. Same drill but I did not have time to call in the Rx before the 8hr flight. Punted it to my team who called it in for him.

During a short stint on the Alps, a place where there was very little reception, somehow a 3rd SOS came through for a stye consult. When we were back in European civilization, I got a 4th stye consult from a long-time patient: it was super painful and miserable. 

And finally, when I got back home and unpacked my last item, I got the 5th text requesting help for a new stye from a family friend. 

Thus I have resolved to cover EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about a stye and its treatment on my next podcast this Friday: see link below. It will take a couple of days to post it.


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