Best Mascara & Make Up for Dry Eyes

Recommendations below:

My sister is head of oculoplastics at Stanford and this is the mascara she uses and recommends:

blinc Mascara Amplified


1. Avoid soaps or liquid makeup removers anywhere near the eyes. Be precise with your cleansers, avoiding the area inside the bony rim.


2. Avoid waterproof makeup. Avoid eyeliner to the lid margin or ‘waterline.’

3. Skin care and makeup: Avoid parabens.
Avoid formaldehyde donors: Quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, Ureas, Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate.

4. Good Paraben free sunscreen
(e.g. Mychelle Reef Safe, EltaMD Clear Zinc, TraderJoe’s Clear Zinc Sunscreen Stick)

 5. Also read below & this link:

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