Best Way to Be Effective at Work

I admire those who are able to be efficient and effective in their work. We all have a few people we know who can get things done fast and really well. How do they do it? What is the best method?

A good friend that I respect very much in this area and who I believe is a really saintly person shared the following tips with me which I found very helpful.

1.) Check out the concepts at Optimal Work and Getting Things Done. Together they really complement each other and give you practical tips to be more effective at home and work.

Optimal Work is excellent in putting the whole day in perspective and directing all your actions, even your breathing, to attain inner peace and extend the love you have for the things you love to do to the things you find most challenging and difficult. It is excellent.

Getting things done also has many excellent practical ideas. My favorite:
1. Write down all your ideas on paper & make a todo list with boxes to check off. Or on a computer.
2. Save up all emails and do them all quickly at one time instead of checking email hundreds of times per day.

2.) Continue to try to implement the practical tips from Optimal Work & Getting Things Done & forgive yourself for messing up frequently & keep trying each day to do better.

Together these work well to help on be more efficient and fall in love with all aspects of work: even the parts that you initially could not tolerate. …though it takes time and practice–like everything. 

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