Brussel Sprouts: a favorite family recipe!

Brussel Sprout Chips:

This is super easy, takes only a few minutes & is absolutely a kids favorite (just teach them when they are young to love them as tasty chips)!

Even a most harden teenage visitor who has never tried brussel sprouts will admit they taste good (though we’ve had them close their eyes before trying it)!

1. Cut off end of each sprout so as to leave as much of the green on the sprout ball.
2. Cut each ball in half.
3. Take off leaves of as many BS as possible. Kids love this part. Each leaf will make a tasty chip.
4. Wash & shake dry in colander.
5. Place all leafs (and the rest of the small little balls if unable to remove any more leaves) on flat oven pan.
6. Sprinkle Olive Oil so to cover leaves (can use your clean hands to coat each side or a wooden spoon or something like that):
7. This is where each oven will vary: goal is to come out with potato chip-like brussel sprouts: in our oven we broil very carefully [especially if am in a rush as only take 1-2 minute on each side, flipping over, watching carefully; removing “done” chips” as soon as possible). Can also but on bake at 350 but may have to watch like a hawk till crispy like chips till you know the strength of your oven.
8. Serve to the kids and yourself as soon as possible.
Your kids will LOVE this (especially if you give it to them when they are young: our 1 year old LOVES them)!

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