Cord Blood Serum was used safely in Glaucoma Patients


Topical Treatment with Cord Blood Serum in Glaucoma Patients: A Preliminary Report

Academic Editor: Nicola Rosa
Received18 Apr 2018
Accepted14 Jun 2018
Published25 Jul 2018


Purpose. To report data which happened to be observed in two glaucoma patients treated with Cord Blood Serum (CBS) eye drops. Design. A case report and retrospective data analysis. Methods. CBS topical eye drops, characterized in advance for growth factors (GFs) content, were administered for two months with the aim to relieve their subjective symptoms, in two patients who had referred ocular surface discomfort, although in absence of any sign of keratopathy. As patients were also affected by advanced glaucoma at risk of vision loss and under treatment with hypotensive drugs, they had been also monitored over the same period with IOP controls and visual field tests in our unit.Results. During subsequent visits, data from Mean Deviation and Pattern Standard Deviation in the visual fields were retrospectively collected and compared with before and after treatment with CBS, and an amelioration was observed. Conclusions. CBS contains a combination of GFs, which potentially exert a neuroprotective action and elect CBS as an interesting natural source to be delivered in neurodegenerative ocular disorders. The incidentally observed amelioration in these two patients deserves further investigation in this respect.

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