Dangers of Computers, Electronics, iPads, eReaders, and Video Games

When I first made this video about the Dangers of Computers, we had 6 children present to the office with severe corneal signs of dryness.

Now we have 11 children who have the loss of the majority of their meibomian glands. I am worried this is the tip of the iceberg as my office does not even really see children primarily: these children are referred to our cornea service from their general eyeMDs or pediatricians.
If you child is having any redness, dryness, reflex tearing, or foreign body sensation, please have them get a LipiView or LipiScan and send it to me for review. This is serious and it needs to be treated asap.
In the meantime, get rid of your tv if you can, limit computer to 1hr or less unless your child is using their eyes for a good reason. Avoid smart phones (which turn out to be the worst thing you can give your child as they are so addictive and kids do not blink when on their phones). Get rid of all video games. Teach your child to blink frequently if they have to be on the computer. Have them avoid social media as it is a waste of their eyes! 
Have your kids play outside as much as possible. Eat plenty of Omega 3 rich foods! Eat plenty of green leafy veggies.
My 11th patient just walked in: he is 17 years old and admitted to being on his iphone from about 6am to about 11pm off and on. He spends more than 12hrs on screens he said. He has stage 3+ gland loss. He is scheduling to have a Lipiflow to try to save the glands he has remaining. He will likely need Autologous Serum, PRP, and potentially Stem Cell injection in the future (if we can prove it works.) 
Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

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