Dangers of Marijuana: Synthetic Cannabinoid-Associated Coagulopathy

One of the saddest things I have seen in my lifetime is the legalization of marijuana in many US states. It just does not make medical sense. We have seen now 2 deaths in local patients from adulterated marijuana. In the Netherlands, where I have many friends and family, marijuana is a scourge! Many students have lost their minds, committed suicide, and lived “lost” for years addicted to this poison.

For a state population to pass this as legal is malpractice! It is not meant for the general population and should only be used in medically-necessary cases.

  To:    Emergency Departments, EMS, Healthcare Facilities/Providers, Local Health
From:   Maryland Poison Center and Maryland
Department of
Date:     April 17,
Re:         Synthetic Cannabinoid-Associated Coagulopathy
The Maryland Poison
Center was notified of three additional cases in Maryland of patients with
suspected coagulopathy associated with synthetic cannabinoid use. Cases have
been reported in other states as well. The condition is known as synthetic
cannabinoid-associated coagulopathy.
The Maryland Poison
Center and the Maryland Department of Health encourage health care
professionals to be mindful of patients presenting with the following symptoms:
– Bruising
– Nosebleeds
– Bleeding of the gums
– Bleeding out of proportion to the level of injury
– Vomiting blood
– Blood in the urine or stool
– Excessively heavy menstrual bleeding
– Excessive back pain
Should you see patients
with the above symptoms who also report using synthetic cannabinoids in the
past 3 months, please contact the Maryland Poison Center at 
1-800-222-1222 for case reporting and for consultation on
appropriate treatment. 
For information and
updates, please see:
Maryland Poison Center website: http://www.mdpoison.com/
Center for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/hsb/chemicals/sc/healthcare.html

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