Distracted Child, Distracted Parent: The Continued Dangers of Computers, iPhones, Screen Time

Thank you to Chrissy for sending this article below!
It identifies the dangers of the distracted parent who is addicted to their electronic device. This article could well describe most parents these days.

The most shocking part of the full story is that addicted parents are starting to notice health related issues as well from electronic screens: it is not the ADHD in the child any more. Many moms have started noting the ADHD behavior of their spouses, for instance.

I notice it with the marked increase in dry eye complaints in young parents. Other doctors are noting the increased issues of anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression and their related consequences, often as a new diagnosis, in their adult patients. The rates of marital discord and divorce will likely continue to increase as more and more couples spend time on their screens instead of verbally communicating.

The 2014 Newsweek article highlighted the ultimate devastation of such addictions when video-game-addicted parents neglected their baby and the baby died.

We have still not hit the peak of video addiction, unfortunately. I am convinced that until parents, and everyone alike, realize the chronic pain issue of dry eye and potentially permanent vision issue will everyone start putting away their iPhones at the dinner table.




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