Does Tea Tree Oil, Avenova, Acuicyn help with Allergies? What are the best treatments for Allergy?

The Ocusoft rep showed us the new Ocusoft Lid Scrub for Allergy which has Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Extract.

I have for years been using TTO and Avenova for my son’s allergy but have been hesitant to recommend it as it was not “FDA approved on label.” So for my own son I was using these treatments off label.

Ocusoft with TTO has been approved by the FDA to treat allergies. I have not see the FDA data yet, but I hope to try it soon.

Likely Avenova does help with allergies but I only have a few cases to say it helps. It should do no harm, though. I have not tried Acuicyn but may help, but it is not FDA approved for allergy as of yet either.


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