Doxycycline and Its Role in Dry Eye Treatment and Ocular Rosacea as an Anti-Inflammatory

For years I have written about Doxycycline. I have mentioned how my mentor at Harvard, Dr. Judah Folkman, used to comment that 20mg is the best for decreasing inflammation and that if he could put it in the water, he would. He used to note that a majority of his cancer patients were on 20mg Doxy to help decrease inflammation (and VEGF: see Reference below).

We have used Doxycycline 20mg po qday for years to help decrease eyelid inflammation. It does its job but not everyone notices an improvement in their eye symptoms. A great deal of Meibomian Gland atrophy is due to inflammation at the gland’s orifice which lead to a backlog of oil and ultimate downregulation of the oil production and atrophy.

One of the key questions we have long had is the effect of Doxycyline on gut flora and resistance. A wonderful patient did the research for me and found this article noting 20mg of Doxy does not affect the microbiome which is a key component to general health (see next blog post 😉


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Doxycycline modulates VEGF-A expression: Failure of doxycycline-inducible lentivirus shRNA vector to knockdown VEGF-A expression in transgenic mice

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Low dose Doxycycline 20mg per day: Periostat: Is extremely safe. Rare side effect which I have never seen with doxycycline but has been reported at higher levels.

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