Epidemic of Myopia

Myopia (nearsightedness–the eyeballs is longer than the average eye) progression is on the minds of many eye doctors and parents these days. Parents see their children on ipad & electronic screens for required homework and eye doctors are seeing the incidence of myopia climbing every year.

Below is a great review article for a friend who recently asked about her son’s myopia. He spends 4 hours on screens and she is noting his prescription increasing every year.

The Key Take Home Points:
1. Have kids play outside at least 1hr per day: mid day is best.
2. Do not have kids read in dark.
3. Avoid electronic screen time. Avoid ipads unless necessary
4. Avoid night lights
5. Other treatments, such as low dose Atropine & Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) have positive and negatives and risks. Talk to your eyeMD about these options.


PS: the end of the article notes how China is having a major issue with the myopia epidemic. They recently did a large scale study where they let their young students go from almost no recess per day to 1hr of total time outdoors: their rates of myopia decreased significantly.

A friend asked: But what is up with having young kids study from 7am-7pm?


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