Fastest, Safest Way to Loose Weight for the Long Run: Bone Broth

Fastest, Safest Way to Loose Weight for the Long Run

Likely the hardest thing for all patients trying to loose weight is dealing with the cravings you get when you are on a diet.

The fastest safest way to loose weight is discussing your diet with your MD and working together to get as close to the below as possible. Clearly a 300lb diabetic patient may not be able to safely decrease calories In general it is best to avoid supplement and artificial pills and diets. All natural, organic foods are thought to be best as they avoid pesticides and hormones. Large, randomized, double blinded trials have yet to be done, but smaller studies are starting to show the benefit of organic, hormone-free, pesticide-free.

All diet must include an increase in physical activity or exercise. This does not have to be big, but even adding 1 flight of stairs to your daily routine will help.

1. Drink at least 64 oz of water per day
2. Make and drink Bone Broth: it can get boring after awhile so consider trying to change it up or pause for a couple of days or a week and resume.
There are great websites I use to help make Bone Broth or Instant Pot type of recipes:
Favorites are:
I’ve made many recipes from these sites with family approval: which is actually really not easy!

3. Eat plenty of veggies:
-our favorites besides a lot of salad are:

A. We throw in extra veggies with most of our quinoa salads.
b. Quinoa salads
B. Carrots & Cream Cheese: the kids love this.
C. Tomato Sauce without carbs or spaghetti but with fresh tomatoes, cups of chopped spinach, cups of julienne cut carrots or grated carrots.

4. Eat Seaweed: best we love is Costco’s Roasted Seaweed
5. Seeds
6. Nuts: though it is best to eat low Omega 6 nuts like Macadamia nuts & Walnuts
8. Limit sweets:
Sugar free chocolate
Stevita water
Sugar free Vitamin D grape tablets or sugar free candies

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