Favorite Foods

I am trying a gluten free diet to experience what many of my patients have been on. The first time I tried this years ago, I went through a carbohydrate withdrawal that was significant.

This time it is not bad at all. We are also moving to a no red meat/or very little & high fiber diet. We have always eaten a lot of carrots & green veggies but will now do more.

Also a recent dinner of just MDs I went to was very interesting: 3 of 15 were moving to a “no milk” & getting calcium from other sources. One MD is a CT surgeon who has studied the Japanese culture where they drink little milk & have no negative health effects published.

1 cup sunflower seeds (or up to 2cups over the morning); bought at Bulk Foods.com which we love
1 apple large or whatever size we have

Frozen peas with cheddar cheese as much peas as I want; about 3 servings of cheese: we melt cheese on flat skillet as add frozen peas so cheese has a nice crusty side to it. All the kids love this.
and/or large green leafy salad with sunflower seeds & dressing (mustard, balsamic vinegar, EVOO or OO mixed: not so much oil, mostly BV & mustard).

Mondays; spagetti sauce with meatballs or without meatball without pasta or breadcrumbs in meatballs; eat as much as want; or Veggie Lasagna
Tues: Chicken with grilled veggies
Wed: Soup & salad: trying to make more interesting salads with quinoa
Thurs: pizza or taco night with grilled chicken: heavy on veggies, tomatoes, etc
Friday: Grilled shrimp with raw carrots, or grilled veggies or salad
Or Tuna with some low fat mayo or just tuna
Or Grilled Salmon: our favorite!
Crab cakes

Our family favorites:
1. Brussel sprout chips: take off leaves of as many BS as possible. Wash, shake dry, put on flat oven pan, sprinkle Olive Oil so to cover leaves: bake or broil (but have to watch like a hawk) till crispy like chips: kids LOVE this!
2. Veggie Lasagna with or without meat &/or pasta; we put spinach, broccoli in our lasagna & kids don’t notice usually 🙂
3. Grilled Salmon: yum!
4. Crab cakes: yum!
5. Trader Joes dumplings: not perfectly healthy, but not too bad

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