Find a Dry Eye Doctor Near Me

Find a Dry Eye Doctor Near Me
We just got a call from a patient in Seattle who saw my videos and wondered if I knew of a Dry Eye MD who does Meibomian Gland Probing, IPL, LipiFlow, etc. 
It can be very frustrating to find a doctor who takes eye complaints seriously as many doctors ignore dry eye complaints as trivial. This drives me crazy as I see the end consequence of patients who were told, “just take over the counter drops and do the warm compresses and you will be fine.” Unfortunately this is not true in many patients.
If the Meibomian glands are slowly disappearing or if the doctor forgets to ask about dry mouth and arthritis complaints and misses potential Sjogren’s syndrome, this is a travesty. If your glands are disappearing, I view it as a race against time (also against aging & the hormonal changes that can make drying up with aging worse) to save your glands.

Here is a good site to find a specialist near you who cares about dry eye. Unfortunately many eye surgeons and doctors do not have the technology to diagnose and really treat dry eye properly.

Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS
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