Good Book I am Reading: Deep Work but Optimal Work is even better

My new favorite book is Deep Work, as it has many key points that apply to modern life and modern eyes.

A friend and colleague, Dr. Kevin, Maejers, also discusses this in his talks and treatment of patients with issues regarding the inability to engage in focused, deep work in his program Optimal Work, which I prefer to Deep Work, though they complement each other.

These are my take-home points of Optimal Work and Deep Work:

1. Every child and person needs to relish in Boredom, in having nothing to do, in having time to think and think deeply.

To me, this is key for every person and soul on earth to have a fuller life: to have a deeper spiritual life ideally thanking their creator and having a heart full of gratitude.

Of course, this also helps with saving the eyes and meibomian glands from using one’s eyes for “wasteful curiosity.” As you know, I am a big proponent of only using your eyes for “eye worthy” things: work, yes; video games–NO!

If kids look at electronic screens all day, they will be less able to engage in deep work and their work will not be optimal. Having a deep conversation may be more challenging. Time will tell. Research needs to be done.

2. Set times to check email and texts. Do not become a slave to your phone. Avoid pulling out the phones at the dinner table.

3. Set aside time to get the hardest tasks done first. Turn off your phone: (oh, the thought! It can be scary but needed).  Make it clear to your staff or family, you need this time to get work done.

4. Blink frequently: ok, none of these books/websites mention this, but they should. Take breaks. Have Siri read your emails to you. It works. Minimize your viewing of electronic screens. Close your eyes when you type.

5. Use textbooks and read real books and newspapers. These physical materials encourage deep work. Encourage your school to use real textbooks and paper.

We all want to be effective workers. We all also do not want to sacrifice our well-being for work. These tips may help save your meibomian glands and help you work better and deeper.

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