How to Prevent Dementia

There are many articles and speculations on how to prevent dementia. Here are my quick thoughts on the subject. 

Clearly, aging, genetics, general health, exercise, diet, sleep health, diabetes status, stress level are important. 

When people do not sleep well or are under stress, people can be more likely to forget the minor things: where did I leave my keys?

While randomized, prospective, double blinded, controlled studies have not been done on the below that I know of yet, here are my favorite memory boosters. 

1. Drink plenty of water daily 64-100oz

2. Low carb, gluten free, sugar free, diary free diet: prevents diabetes. And maybe the OMAD (One Meal A Day) Diet

3. Omega 3: 2000-4000mg in foods and supplements 

4. Exercise: cardiovascular at least 15min per day.  I get my 10000 steps in almost daily as well. 

5. Prayer: my favorite is daily mass and mental prayer 15-30min per day ideally physically in front of the tabernacle. 

6. Journaling: at least a couple of times per week if not daily. 

7. Confession: divine! —powerful stress reliever as well. 

8. Learn a new language. I am improving my Latin— above learning the Angelus in Latin. I’ve notice my memory and ability to remember my dreams has dramatically improved. 

9. Sort socks and do puzzles. Learn a new trick. 

10. Increase new experiences, travel the world. 

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