How to Prevent Skin Rash after drops or after Punctal Plugs or Punctal Cautery

A dear patient offered this advice to help with the dermatitis (ie chaffed under eye-skin) that developed when he had Punctal cautery and subsequent Cequa use as it would drip down on the lower lid skin as the puncta was not open to drain the drop.

Here is what he does:

1. Stonecrop gel: use twice a day to keep the eyes clean .  I wash hands first with other soap and use only a very little bit for eyes. 

2. I then use the Saline rinse to clean out the eyes if the ducts are cauterized (or plugged) and
3. I also one drop right after Cequa while I lay flat and with tissue in hand so it doesn’t get on skin
4. The Saline rinse is on Amazon but some can get it with a prescription: 
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