Inflammation: How to decrease Inflammation in the Body

How to Decrease Inflammation in the Body

Inflammation of the body is harmful, can lead to numerous disease (such as dry eyes).

It is important to understand why you have increased inflammatory factors in your body.

The main reasons are:

1. Genetics
2. Environment: too much toxins either from:
1) Diet: A Diet high in antioxidants are key to decreasing your risk of angiogenesis and inflammation. See list below. Also see book references below.
2) Smoking or history of smoking: a direct toxin that increases the inflammation in your body.
3) Excessive sun exposure.
4) Other environmental toxins from in-utero to your present time.

To decrease the inflammation on your body:

1. Talk to an MD or eyeMD (in the case of your eyes) who understands the importance of decreasing inflammation and inflammatory factors (and therefore the risk of angiogenesis) in your body.
2. Eat well: Eat green leafy vegetables (the darker green the better) ideally once per day or more. Eat dark colored fruit (blueberries, pomegranates, blackberries). Eat wild salmon, and other foods with a low inflammatory score (see book: Inflammation Nation).
3. Take a multivitamin (one with a good amount of antioxidants) a day if not able to eat well.
4. Avoid smokers & smoking.
5. Avoid excessive sun exposure.
6. Keep well hydrated: at least 8 glasses of water per day
7. Exercise as much as you can according to any limitations your MD prescribed.

And Personal Recommendations below:
8. Laugh, smile, pick up the phone and talk to friends: look outside of yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Serve others more and peace will follow.
9. Get rid of your TV/ avoid becoming a couch potato (personal opinion & have yet to prove that this directly decreases inflammation… but less TV, better! Pray and mediate and read good books instead).
10. Prayer, meditation, Yoga has been shown in many studies to naturally decrease heart rates, blood pressure.

Diet Recommendations:

Factors that decrease one’s Angiogenic Risk Profile
I. Diet: 
a. Green tea
b. Strawberries
c. Blackberries
d. Rasberries
e. Blueberries
f. Oranges
g. Grapefruit
h. Lemons
i. Apples
j. Pineapple
k. Cherries
l. Red Grapes
m. Red Wine
n. Bok Choy
o. Kale
p. Soy beans 
q. Ginseng
r. Mitake mushrooms
s. Licorice
v. Artichokes
w. Lavender
x. Pumpkin
y. Sea Cucumber
z. Tuna
1. Parsley
2. Garlic
3. Tomato (in all forms)
4. Olive Oil
5. Grape seed oil
6. Dark chocolate

Favorite Book on this subject:
1. Folkman’s War
2. Inflammation Nation: a great eye opener on how your diet increases your inflammation in your body!
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