Is Symfony Intraocular Lens Safe after LASIK

New technology intraocular implants, such as the Symfony IOL, which is an enhanced depth of focus and extended range of vision (ERV) intraocular lenses (IOLs), is showing excellent results in our patients. More and more we are using Symfony implants in patients who have had LASIK or PRK with excellent results. 

We hope to publish our results shortly. Here are the case reports I could find thus far.

. 2016 Sep-Dec; 7(3): 193–197.
Published online 2016 Oct 11. doi:  10.1159/000450675
PMCID: PMC5216245

Successful Restoration of Visual Acuity with an Extended Range of Vision Intraocular Lens after Multifocal Laser Ablation


As our baby boomer population is aging and developing cataracts, so are our post-LASIK patients. These patients underwent LASIK surgery as they wished to be spectacle-free and are hoping to remain so after intraocular lens (IOL) surgery. Unfortunately, very little information is available regarding the suitability of presbyopia correcting IOLs for post-LASIK patients. This case represents successful implantation of an extended range of vision IOL in a 59-year-old patient who underwent multifocal ablation excimer laser surgery 12 years before. Emmetropia was targeted for the dominant eye and -0.5 D for the fellow eye. The 13 month follow-up after bilateral implantation of the TECNIS SymfonyIOL revealed an uncorrected visual acuity of 20/25 for distance, 20/20 for intermediate and 20/16 for near. The patient is very happy and did not report any visual symptoms when asked. This successful case should encourage surgeons to consider implanting an extended range of vision IOLs in post-LASIK patients.

In conclusion, our case demonstrates that excellent distance, intermediate and near visual acuity results can be achieved with an ERV IOL after multifocal excimer laser ablation. We would like to encourage surgeons to feel comfortable utilizing this type of IOL in the increasing number of post-LASIK patients who seek spectacle independence. Controlled studies are needed to create evidence for the suitability of PCIOLs in patients with a history of myopic, hyperopic and multifocal excimer laser ablation.
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