New App may help with chronic pain conditions: CURABLE


New App created to help with chronic pain conditions. 

I am not sure how much screen time this would require to set up or use, but it might be helpful for a loved one to set up for a patient and guide them through this type of thought process. 

I have not seen a randomized, controlled, double blinded study to compare this app to other options like general meditation, or my favorite –daily prayer with eyes close for 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon, weekly confession, and daily mass,– but it likely does help many people. 

The key concern I have for my dry eye patients is how much extra time will patients have to use their eyes for this. I do not know how much audio is involved and do not have any patients that have tried it out yet. 

Still, I applaud this group for addressing the group of patients who have chronic, debilitating pain.

It appears a doctor/MD has to sign up their patient below.

While I like the memorable name, it is true that many chronic, pain conditions do not have a CURE, but managing the pain and trying to prevent worsening is key both in the physical, mental, and spiritual realm. Ultimately there is an end to chronic pain, and thus I personally believe that getting to Heaven is the best goal for everyone as Heaven is an eternity of being at peace with God and being pain-free.

Thus, while it is very easy to say this if you are not in chronic pain, it is often helpful to remind patients that their pain does not need to be wasted: it can be offered up for redemptive suffering for their loved ones alive and those who have died and for our beloved souls in purgatory, who I pray for daily. Trying to lovingly embrace the cross of suffering can be very hard and thus loved ones ideally can help. 

My dearest friends at Love Crucified ( have helped me and many of my friends with the mission to lovingly embrace suffering and those most difficult to love. It is not easy. It is not a cure, but it does help us remind us to not give up, keep trying each day no matter what happens. They have been crucial in reminding me of the ultimate goal of life which is to someday eternally be one in love with God, surrounded by amazing angles and saints. 


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