New Innovations in Light Adjusted Lenses

We are about the begin using this new implant which holds a great deal of promise.
This lens has the ability to allow us to more precisely correct residual astigmatism or refractive error that can happen in even the best surgeon’s hands.

These lenses thus far, though, have not been used to make patients glasses free for reading and computer and distance. It works mostly like a monofocal implant with percision in the one distance requested. It will likely not replace the Symfony or New Generation Multifocal Lens, such as ActiveFocus by Alcon.

Still, for patients who really want to have perfect vision for one distance, this is a great alternative.
What is the price?

We are not sure yet. We hope to find out in a few weeks the details of how to provide this option to our patients.

Still, for me personally, I would want to try a Symfony at this point in time.
Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

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