Orange Citrus Zest Spray for Eye cleaning: not recommend

A patient recently told me that her friend recommended she spray orange zest on her eyelids to help with eye discomfort.
That was a first I have heard about this.
Likely the acid of the zest does kill some bacteria or mites, but getting zest into the eye likely damages cells and is thus not recommended as a general practice. Likely a little on the eyelashes will not cause harm, but avoid getting any into the eye.


Normal pH=7.
Less than 7=Acidic
Greater than 7=Basic==much more damaging to the eye than acidic molecules.

Oranges have a higher pH level, at 4.35, and are less damaging to teeth than lemons at 2.75, limes at 2.88, and grapefruits at 3.65. A diet that is high in citrus can gradually erode the enamel on a person’s teeth due to the higher pH levels of citrus fruits.

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The microbiological evaluation showed that the formulations containing 5% w/w tea tree oil had a maximum effect at pH 5.5
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