Oxervate vs Umbilical Cord Blood Drops: which is better or do they complement each other?

Update: 1 of our 5 patients on Cord Blood Serum used Oxervate for a full course as well. She has severe neuropathy (ie “pain without stain”) and said the Oxervate did not help. She said the Cord Blood Serum did help with her pain but it was not a cure: it was better than anything else she tried. She will be seeing a Pain Specialist to help with the residual bouts of pain which remain.

One of our patients who used Oxervate was an 8 year old with severe keratitis (ie inflammation of the cornea). She did not try Cord Blood Serum. The Oxeravate completely healed her keratitis after her 8wk course. Time will tell if it remains stable but we are very hopeful.

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Oxervate                 vs        Umbilical Cord Blood Serum Drops

Recombinant Nerve Growth Factor                                           non-controversial Stem Cells

No one has done a study to see which drop is better for neurotrophic keratitis or neuropathy (from Herpes, Dry eye, Diabetes, surgery, MS, chemical burn, etc).

It could be possible the work better together than alone as I saw recently in a patient who had autologous adipose-derived stem cell insertion into meibomian glands and adipose-derived autologous stem cell drops. Prior to treatment, the patient could not stand Xiidra: it burned too much.

After the stem cell treatment, he was able to go back to work and function normally. He restarted Xiidra months later and was surprised to find the Xiidra did not burn and actually seemed to help his dry eyes.

Could resetting an eye’s cells be the reason for this? I do not know. But this is a study I would love to see done.

We have 5 patients thus far on Oxervate who have had no complaints. 1 of them stopped after 1 week for personal reasons.

We have 5 patients who have used Umbilical Cord Blood Serum Drops who have all said it was a “life saver” or “miraculous.”

Time will tell if one is better than the other or if they together could be a cure for some of the hardest cases of neuropathy to treat.

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