Patient Question: What I wanted to say to “What do you suggest if my son 5 yrs. suffering glaucoma+cataract+lens problem. ahmed glucoma value fitted in both eyes. what can I do.?”

What do you suggest if my son 5 yrs. suffering glaucoma+cataract+lens problem. ahmed glaucoma valve fitted in both eyes. what can I do.?

What I said was:

Sounds like you are giving your son the best care possible. Glaucoma & cataracts in children can be challenging but success rates have increased significantly thru the years: Ahmed valves are sometimes the best option. Best you can do:  f/u with good glaucoma specialist who can guide you through the options now & for the future (ie, if needs contact lenses, low vision, etc).

What I wanted to say also was:

Consider being sure son is also eating a good healthy diet: rich in green leafy vegetables, omega 3s in wild salmon, herring, seeds, nuts (or omega 3 thru other methods/pills/no sugar smoothies), low carb, gluten free diet: though the data is not there to prove this is needed, these types of diet likely help prevent inflammation which can be hard to control in advanced glaucoma patients.

Also, do not forget to pray & ask his and your guardian angel for help in finding good treatments and even a cure for him (it is ok to ask and to hope 🙂  To help him find the best surgeon you can & get the best treatments for your son.

St. Lucy is the patron saint of eyes and has had many miracles attributed to her help. Asking a saint for help, in a way, can be viewed as asking a friend to help you getting your son to an appointment or helping put in drops at playdates, etc. They will be happy to help you if a true friends. This is the way I view the saints: the best friend one can have 🙂

Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

The lens (behind iris) is usually clear & is like a pillow in a pillow case. When cloudy/white & affecting vision, surgery recommended. Goal is to remove top part of pillow case (anterior capsule), remove pillow (cataract), keep back pillow case intact (posterior capsule), place IOL; thru sm wound. Advances in cataract surgery (ie Femtosecond laser surgery) help! More info:

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