Pterygium Surgery: Best Technique

Surgery is the best way to remove a pterygium (an abnormal growth of conjunctiva over cornea). Best technique is a Conjunctival Autograft taken from pt’s superior conjunctiva. Special Fibrin Glue, Amniotic Membrane, Closing Gap, Large Tenon Removal, sometimes Mitomycin use or Avastin is also needed. See eyeMD with a lot of experience.

This is how we remove pterygium: we use a special blade to try to create a clean plane in the cornea to remove as much scar tissue as possible.

Then we amputate the pterygium along the purple line.

We then use a diamond burr to remove residual scar tissue on the cornea.

Below is how we obtain a conj autograft from the superior conjunctiva: We inject some BSS (salt water) under the conjunctiva and then cut a patch graft. 
We secure the graft with glue or sutures (preferably glue as is much less uncomfortable than sutures and recurrence rates are about the same. We can use Amniotic Membrane if needed along the muscle or over the graft to provide more anti-angiogenic factors. 

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