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(Med Hypotheses. 2013 Nov;81(5):927-30. doi:
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is the precursor to pterygium.
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Cost of pterygium:

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Pterygium can cause chronic conjunctival hyperemia, corneal astigmatism, corneal dellen, and impairment of vision.1,2, 0
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Risk factors for Pterygium:

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Associated with Pterygium:
Meibomian Gland Disease, Dry Eye

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p53 Tumor supressor Gene
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UV radiation: 1
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    • 2
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  2. MALE SEX: 2-3
  3. 2 &
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  4. DRY EYE: 4

infiltration of lymphocytes,5678 and 9 especially CD4+ T lymphocytes in both epithelial and stromal layers,567 and 8 as well as CD68+ macrophages in the stromal layer.5 and 9 

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  1. ——————-


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