·  Teach 9th-12th graders daily HIV drug regimen for MSM without condoms. PrEP is not for kids, its designed for adults “at very high risk” of contracting HIV (men who have sex with men without condoms). AIDs experts call PrEP “a catastrophe” for encouraging risky sex and  PrEP is NOT EVEN approved by FDA for children under 18!

What can be done?
If you have an effeminate boy, there is plenty of research that testosterone levels can be increased by playing sports, lifting arms, standing in power positions, doing “boy” activities.
Just because people have made fun of this type of “treatment,” do not discount it as helpful. These things can make a difference and it beats medications and sex-change operations which can lead to a life time of medical, social, and psychological issues.

Natural treatments are possible to help “hormonally confused bodies.” As parents and doctors we have to help our children through these medical issues.