Stem Cell Treatment To Fix The Bags Under Eye Bags

Some cosmetic surgeons are now using regenerative stem cells to treat the bags that develop under your eyes. They say it is hoped that long lasting results can be achieved.
Doctors have been using fat for decades to help fill in areas under the eyes but many dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon have started using stem cells under the eyelids to help with bags, sometimes with a very hefty price tag. The issue is that many patients say it works but these cases are anecdotal and not part of a scientific study. Also charging the patients $20,000 a treatment is very concerning. 

Many take the stem cells which is separated from fat obtained through liposuction. It is then re-injected into the area under the eyelids: likely avoiding injection into Meibomian Glands? Critics of the technique say there is no FDA approved way to inject stem cells and no evidence of its effectiveness in cosmetic procedures.

Clearly more research is needed in this field. 
Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

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