2017 Best Dry Eye Glasses

More and more patients come in to share what has worked to help them with their eyes. Two patients who had LASIK recently reminded me of these first 2 options as well. Let me know what works for you. Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS 1.   https://www.eyeeco.com/eyeseals-with-secure-wrap-clear-.html 2. https://www.zienaeyewear.com/ 3. https://shop.heavyglare.com/eyeglasses/dry-eye/7eye-bora-readers.html 4. These are popular: https://www.amazon.com/7eye-SharpView-Sunglasses-Tortoise-Polarized/dp/B00KAJLZW8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1495575659&sr=8-5&keywords=panoptx+moisture+chamber&linkCode=sl1&tag=greateblessi_allergyhelp-20&linkId=1f6e5393e7512753d8f8cd9ff4abb2fd 5.  […]

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