The Come Back of Books, Newspapers, and Print!

Do not throw away your books or papers and books and newspapers will make a comeback. I am convinced. While many are destroying their meibomian glands staring at their cell phones & screens from morning to night, there are still many hold outs that get the paper delivered every day and try to avoid screens. While you can still get dry eyes by not blinking reading a newspaper or book, I believe it is less likely. Long term prospective studies are desperately needed to see if this hypothesis is true.

Also, now is added the concern of the extra blue light hitting everyone’s macula for hours on end: will it increase rates of macular degeneration in years from now? Some MDs are worried. Time will tell.

In the meantime, we are getting rid of our kindle’s and not getting any screens for Christmas or birthdays for the years to come for our kids and getting a subscription instead to the Wall Street Journal. And holding onto our books and textbooks. 

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