The Final Football Game at Notre Dame

My generous brother in law again is inviting my husband to Notre Dame’s final football game.  And my husband is asking if he can go.

This is a dilemma– again. Morally I cannot give my consent.

If my husband asked me if he go to a Roman Colosseum to see the finals, I would absolutely say, “no!” If he asked me if could go to the final boxing match of Tyson and Sugar Ray, I would absolutely say, “no!” The same is true for any boxing match.

A college football game to me is the same as the above. The only difference is the speed of induced death. In the Roman Colosseum, it is usually a few hours or less. In the case of a boxing match is lasts a few years. In the case of a football match, it is also a few years. But the process of the death of the player in these latter two examples are slow painful deaths for the player and the family.

Until football games do not increase the risk of traumatic brain injury and dementia, I will not be able to encourage or even condone the viewing of this barbaric sport.

To makes matters worse, football is socially acceptable. But I truly think it is unacceptable to see young men hit each other, particularly their heads, over and over. While I will not go as far, as a surgical colleague does, to say it is criminal to view football games, I can understand that statement. Most surgeons have retired football players in their practice. A large percentage of them are divorced dealing with chronic mental health issues. Are they are on their way to Alzheimer’s and Traumatic Brain Encephalopathy? Many are. If I have paid to see someone do this to themselves, it would seem like a double tragedy.

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