What Diet is Best? The Controversy

What Diet is Best? The Controversy
Deciding what diet is best for you and your family can be a controversial issue!
Most people are very sensitive when it comes to discussing one’s diet, as it is so personal and a daily issue. If you or someone you know is open to discussing these issues, it will help them tremendously.

A key question in my opinion is: What is Your Genetic History and Genetic Risks?
If you have a history of Heart Disease, Stroke, Heart Attack, I would have to agree with the below Cardiothoracic Surgeon: keep your Cholesterol below 140!
There are now hundreds of possible diets one can choose from. I have discussed this in the past but wanted to mention a couple of issues with this.
Here are the 2 main camps:

Camp 1    vs             Camp 2
Vegan (strict vs lax)       vs     Meat is ok & good for you

I will post more on this issue but for now, I found this video very interesting.

Let me know what you think:
Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS
I sped up below video to go thru whole thing.

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