Where to get the Fastest COVID test in Montgomery County, Maryland


More and more patients and friends are asking about this. 
Here is some information. 

Have your insurance card and information ready. 

1. The fastest may be here: SameDayTesting currently has four locations in Montgomery County, accepts insurance and is averaging 12 hours for results.


2. Call your Pediatrician or PCP to see if they can do your test. They will likely require a Telemedicine Consult first and then schedule your testing which may take extra time. 
They will likely do PCR which takes 2-3 day turn around. 

3. Kaiser Permanente, if you are insured with them, is communicating test results in about 18 hours.
4. The four Adventist Health Care Urgent Care centers are averaging 2 days for results and accept most insurances.
5. Angarai Testing Center is a free county testing site in Silver Spring which has been averaging 48 hours for results. Their hours vary so check the county website before going at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/covid19/testing.html.

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