Which is Better and Cheaper to Help Keep Eyelids Clean & kill Demodex? Tea Tree Oil, Avenova, or Acuicyn?

Everyone in my office knows I LOVE using diluted Tea Tree Oil to clean my eyes. I accidentally spilled a bottle in my bag months ago and it took many days to get the smell out of my office (even though just a little leaked out of my bag).

Oil and Water do not mix, so when I “dilute” Tea Tree Oil according to my videos below, I know that I am likely hitting my eyelids with 100% TTO molecules which are sort of surrounded by water molecules so it does not hurt so much.

Still many of my patients cannot tolerate TTO as it burns too much or causes an allergic reaction or dermatitits.

In such cases, I recommend Avenova, Acuicyn or over the counter Hypochlorous Acid
They all work to kill the Demodex mite that can cause issues with blepharitis and Meibomian gland dysfunction (which can lead to dry eye issues and chronic eye discomfort).

In my personal trials (done early last year) on pesty Ants on my front step, Avenova worked better and faster than Acuicyn but they both did kill ants. I wondered if they really had any effective ingredient as it felt like water hitting my eyelashes when I used them.

Everyone is different in how they react to chemicals: sometimes you have to try one to see which one your skin tolerates.

I use all of the above products and know they work. But when I start to feel a stye forming, I hit it hard with warm/hot (don’t burns skin) compresses and diluted Tea Tree Oil.



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