Why Do I have New Eye Glare Symptoms? What Causes Glare?

Why Do I have New Eye Glare Symptoms? What Causes Glare?

Healthtap patinet asked:

Suddenly developed bad night glares and starbursts.No refractive error, checked cornea & everything-nothing wrong, have vitreous degen.Cause for glare?
My answer:

The best way determine what is causing the glare is to do the following.

1. Try artificial tears before you drive. Does it help? Dry eye is the most common cause of Glare.
If so you could have dry eyes or dry eye syndrome and this needs to be evaluated so it does not worsen: in which case artificial tears no longer help symptoms.
a. see your EyeMD to get a LipiView scan to be sure your meibomian glands are healthy & not contributing to glare

2. The next most common cause of glare is uncorrected refractive error (ie astigmatism). Get glasses checked by good OD or MD.

3. Early Cataract is a common cause of new glare, get a dilated exam to be sure no early cataract: make sure they look carefully at the posterior capsule.

4. A Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) or new vitreous floaters (due to change in protein in gel cavity called vitreous due to aging, genetics most often)  can cause glare but usually goes away.

5. Diet: a poor diet can cause night vision issues, early cataract, macular issues. Be sure you are eating green leafy veggies and other veggies every day. 

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