Best Eyelash Cleaners? Which is best?

Which is eyelash cleaning system is the best?
It is a great question and one that really depends on your skin type and your history of having Demodex and/or blepharitis and/or ocular rosacea.

I find that Ocusoft is not strong enough to clean off Demodex. Diluted Tea Tree Oil is the best to clean off Demodex and keep blepharitis under control, but it can cause skin irritation and can burn the eyes if not diluted enough.

There are no head to head studies among these options, but I use the first Tea Tree Oil (TTO) bottle above & dilute it according to my video:
I also use Avenova & Acuicyn if I do not have time to clean with TTO. Many patients love the top two foams above.

The Lid HygeniX is promoted by the makers of BlephEx which is a rotary device to remove the mites physically.

Each manufacturer will say their product is best.


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