Best Way to Treat Dry Eyes

Dry eyes remains a frustrating, chronic condition. Cures are rare and our goal is the save the meibomian glands and the other crucial glands we cannot image or photograph well yet AND relief symptoms to stabilize the condition from getting worse. 

These two key parts of the treatment protocol can be frustrating as there are many options and some options work better than others on certain patients. There are few randomized, controlled studies in dry eye care and none that say what combination will be best for each individual patient: that means you and me. A lot of it can be trial and error which can be very frustrating. 

There is a lot of information which can be very overwhelming and confusing. 

Below is the best attempt I’ve made to break it down: still it is a lot of information. 
Hopefully this information will help. Each year we have new options available for dry eyes, so the field of treatment options is exciting, if not overwhelming. 
Before trying drugs, I do recommend natural options which are highlighted on my post here and below.


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