My Favorite Diet
One’s diet is incredibly important in decreasing the production of inflammatory factors in the body. 

If we teach our children to eat well when they are young, it will be much easier to love these diets and may not have to suffer from conditions, in part, due to inflammation, such as acne, skin conditions, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Here is my top list of great foods to eat. Below are more that I love personally to eat and encourage my kids to eat as well. 
1. Green tea
2. Strawberries
3. Blackberries
4. Rasberries
5. Blueberries
6. Oranges
7. Grapefruit
8. Lemons
9. Apples
10. Pineapple
11. Cherries
12. Red Grapes
13. Red Wine: in moderation; occasional responsible sips with parents are common in Europe 🙂
14. Bok Choy: my 12 year old son loves cooking Bok Choy every week. Great recipe in Test Kitchen Cookbook (a must buy).
15. Kale: a major favorite; works well when Braun blended with hot potatoes, with some skim milk (don’t boil kale ahead of time but let bit of remaining hot water & hot potatoes “cook” Kale as I use the Braun mixer to blend in. Start with a little Kale till kids get used to it & then add more and more; remove stems prior.
16. Soy beans 
17. Ginseng
18. Mitake mushrooms: wonderful in risotto though I don’t eat risotto anymore due to carbs; but will fish out mushrooms; great in soups!
19. Licorice: the Dutch love their licorice! They do have amazing licorice.
22. Artichokes: kids love dipping the leaves in extra virgin olive oil. Teach them this when they are young & they will love it forever!
23. Lavender
24. Pumpkin: pumpkin seeds count too! Roast with a little bit of olive oil & spice flavors to taste.
25. Sea Cucumber
26. Tuna: in moderation due to risk of mercury. But great with bountiful celery and low fat mayo! A favorite of mine.
27. Parsley
28. Garlic: in much of what we eat. 
29. Tomato (in all forms): lycopene great cancer fighter also; we eat tomatoes & tomato based sauces at least 2x per week: I like to hide carrots (sauteed, caramelized), broccoli (added at end), chopped up spinach to mixture, and of course parsley.
30. Olive Oil
31. Grape seed oil
32. Dark chocolate: Dutch Dark Chocolate can be bough in Letters which kids love as gifts!
My mom in law brings us many when she visits & send them for gifts;
Let me know if you know of such a site in the USA 🙂
33. Pomegranate (my absolute favorite!): this is especially wonderful for nausea from pregnancy! 

Other Favorites:
34. Cinnamon: known to stabilize blood sugar and prevent sugar surges. I love toasting low carb bread and putting heaping teaspoons full of cinnamon on top with a touch of stevia. Very filling and delicious!
35. Peas & cheese: my kids love this too! Fry some cheddar cheese on a flat grill, add cups of peas to cover cheese; allow cheese to get crunchy, flipping as needed; Serve it up.
36. Sunflower seeds: no-salt. We buy this in bulk (many good sites, but I love  & Oh, nuts 
37. Nuts: walnuts are great in Omega 3s. 
38. Carrots: eat them by the pound every week in our home. 
39. Apples: gala, fuji are favorites
40. Brussel Sprouts: cut off hard part, pull apart big leaves off these little delectable treats; wash; shake dry a bit; cover with some olive oil (nothing else, no salt, etc); bake at 400 or carefully broil so become crunchy, like chips. Our kids fight over these treats.
41. Balsamic vinegar on green leafy salads with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, with some walnuts, cranberries, small bits of red onion

Guilty Pleasures:
When I really cannot take it anymore & need to eat some “carbs” or treats, I go to the following on occasion. All in moderation is a good rule of thumb. If there are links on how toxic the below, please let me know…actually I know they are not the best, but the alternative is worse. 

1. Atkins bars: chocolate, rice crispy bars are great 2net carbs.
2. Peanut butter with sugar free chocolate pieces (from
3. Vitamin D sugar free for kids: I love these (total about 8 little ones a day is safe); 
4. Sugar free gum
5. Very, very rarely, diet soda: I am convinced this is very bad for you: likely is a central cause of the increased rates of osteoporosis (compared with Japanese women’s rates, who eat less dairy than Americans). But… on occasion…

Never eat:
1. Things I almost never eat anymore:
-bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, potato chips, cakes, cookies, ice cream.
Once you stop eating these tasty toxins, your body gets shocked if you ever do eat them 🙂

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