I’ve been on Restasis for five months, after I suffered permanent damage courtesy of a 3-month bout of chronic follicular conjunctivitis. It burns a little bit when you first start using it, though it wasn’t near as bad as some of the other drops I was on for a while. My opthamologist had me on Pataday shortly before I started the Restasis to ‘work me up’ to it. It’s not that bad though. Think the Pataday was probably unnecessary.

It has seemed to help the dry eye issue, but hasn’t resolved it 100%. But any improvement is welcome. And like Kayjay said, as long as you don’t touch the tip you can use it a couple of times before throwing the little vial out. Be careful though, Restasis doesn’t have any preservatives so if you keep using it after you’ve opened it bacteria might have a chance to grow in it and cause an eye infection.

On a side note, it makes your eyelashes grow! I have not been able to find any legitimate research to back this up, but on me the change is definitely noticeable. A nice fringe benefit to have when you’re dealing with eye crap.