Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Mastocytosis and Chronic Eye Pain

Recently I received an interesting question from a patient. It represents the 3rd patient to note a possible association between abnormal mast cell function and dry eye symptoms or chronic eye pain/Neuropathy. 
The mention of heavy metal below is one I have not heard. The mention of candida, I have heard but have not seen a great study in the literature. 
Inflammation—yes! I think that is central to most illnesses and diseases. 
I’m trying to find anything in the literature. 
Anyone else out there know about such a connections?
Let me know when you can. 
Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS
I’m working with a GI Doctor to help
help treat the inflammation in my body, and the topic of mast cell activation syndrome has come up based on some test results, including a high prostaglandin D2: 177. I’ll likely be working with an allergist soon, but I wanted to experiment a bit with ocular mast cell stabilizers/antihistamines. Is olopatadine something you can prescribe for me? In addition, I’ve had some interesting leads on my dry eye that you may potentially find interesting. I’m still waiting on some test results, but they involve heavy metal toxicity/candida and chronic inflammation.
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