Use of Adult Stem Cells to Heal Chronic Conditions: Please Watch this Series. My family and I will be watching!

My office will be sending this note below to all our patients this weekend.
I am very excited about a new series called Healthcare Revolution which will start airing on Monday, June 17th.

As many of you know, our surgeons at Visionary Eye Doctors have been offering many revolutionary treatments for dry eye, chronic eye pain, corneal neuropathy (“pain without stain”), Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Graft Versus Host Disease, Sjögren’s Syndrome, chemical burns, and other chronic eye pain conditions for years.

We have been at the forefront of using limbal stem cells, umbilical cord blood serum stem cells, and adipose-derived stem cells, as well as using the natural healing ability of one’s own cells in the form of autologous serum and platelet-rich plasma, for many years now.

Many of you have asked for more information about the natural healing ability of your own cells and the published research on its effectiveness.

The below documentary aims to answer these questions and shed light on the need to continue our research on adult stem cell and cell-based treatment options.

The Healthcare Revolution is a docu-series that compiles interviews from over 100 of the world’s leading experts in adult stem cell research. Scientists and doctors from major private and public institutions, backed by governments and billions of dollars in research funding. These researchers and doctors may be changing healthcare as we know it and will share it in this series.

Can we imagine a world where drugs are no longer needed and your own plasma, serum, and/or stem cells can do a better job than standard drugs? Clearly, pharmaceutical companies would not want this, but doctors, surgeons, and patients do.

Please take a minute to watch the trailer and register and please encourage others to as well. All 10 episodes are free to watch.

You’ll be able to watch the Healthcare Revolution beginning Monday, June 17th.

Please click on the link below to register and be informed on the current uses of autologous (your own) stem cells.


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