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Mondor’s disease

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Mondor’s disease
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ICD10 I80.8 (ILDS I80.81)
ICD9 451.89
DiseasesDB 32183
eMedicine derm/909
Mondor’s disease (also known as “Mondor’s syndrome of superficial thrombophlebitis”[1]) is a rare condition which involvesthrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of the breast and anterior chest wall. It sometimes occurs in the arm or penis.[2]:827In axilla, this condition is known as axillary web syndrome.[3]
Patients with this disease often have abrupt onset of superficial pain, with possible swelling and redness of a limited area of their anterior chest wall or breast. There is usually a lump present, which may be somewhat linear and tender. Because of the possibility of the lump being from another cause, patients are often referred for mammogram and/or breast ultrasound.[4]
Mondor’s disease is self-limiting and generally benign. A cause is often not identified, but when found include trauma, surgery, or inflammation such as infection. There have been occasional cases of associated malignancy.[5] Management is with warm compresses and pain relievers, most commonly NSAIDSsuch as ibuprofen. When thrombophlebitis affects the greater veins, it can progress into deep venous system, and may lead to pulmonary embolism.[6]
It is named after Henri Mondor (1885-1962), a surgeon in ParisFrance who first described the disease in 1939.[7]

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