Open Letter to Elon Musk: The Need for a Global Database for Stem Cell Research

Dear Mr. Musk,

Congratulations on your incredible success in everything you set your mind to doing! We are all in awe of the success of Space X and the recent rocket launch! It is very exciting and you are almost single handedly changing the world like visionaries before you. But the way you are changing the world is now leaping to universal. Amazing. Thank you!

We, the people of this earth, though, really need your help. You and your team have been working very hard to create incredible innovations for us and the next generation that extend beyond our planet. In the meantime, many on your team have started suffering terrible dry eye symptoms because they are on some form of electronic device hours on end and have even trained their brain to not blink as much as they should. As a result many are seeking ways to minimize the pain of their dry eyes as they have developed meibomian gland atrophy. This can lead to a lifetime of pain in some patients. Maybe some of your kids also have this issue in the form of occasional red eyes, itching, burning, tearing, foreign body sensation.

As you know, scientists, doctors, and surgeons, now have the ability to restore some tissues’ function with stem cell injections. This is a very exciting! It is a very exciting time. We are getting close to using stem cell injection into each meibomian gland and lacrimal gland and even goblet cell area to try to rejuvenate them to function again properly. But we are not there yet.

Right now there is a fight between the FDA and “in the trenches” doctors and surgeons globally who are fighting to prevent further scar tissue from forming in many of the disease patients who are seeking help. This fight is not pretty. The key battle is that the FDA wants to regulate stem cell injections. They want more objective data to be obtained before and after the procedure and for all complications to be reported. They want to follow these patients. The doctors and surgeons note that this is a surgical procedure using the patient’s own tissue/ stem cells and is not even in the realm of the FDA’s jurisdiction. Most doctors and surgeons have take the Hippocratic Oath and have promised to “do no harm.” Most of these doctors and surgeons have been doing procedures and surgery for years outside of the FDA’s jurisdiction. Most of the doctors and surgeons have even used FDA approved drugs “off-label” because they knew it would help patients who were suffering with minimal risk. (Reference 3) Still some stem cell surgeons do not have good outcomes data to prove they have actually helped the patient or groups of patients.

Both sides are right about many things.

We need your help starting a global database of stem cell research where all parties can agree to follow proper practices.

You may be then only one who can lead this urgent call as the key issue is finding a leader who can hold everyone accountable and also provide the much needed funding that this type of project demands.

While you are making history with Space X. I believe you will have the international gratitude of the entire planet and all future generations till the end of time if you can help us achieve this goal: creating a global database of stem cell therapies which allow surgeons to use stem cells and study them properly to evaluate the best protocols per disease process.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

Please feel free to call my assistant Allie anytime: 301-896-0890

Here are relevant videos and links you may find helpful for your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.
The first is a “mom & pop” type of video made with an old iphone: but we wanted to alert everyone to this devastating issue in kids as soon as we realized there was the beginnings of a global epidemic of dry eyes in kids.




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