The Best Dry Eye Glasses. The Best Dry Eye Goggles of 2017. Moisture Chamber Glasses Help.

I must include this link for all my patients who have asked me about Dry Eye Glasses. 

I first saw these a few months ago when a computer programmer, who could not stand the perfumes around him in his open office  (the fragrances around him really irritated his eyes). The fluorescent light also hurt his eyes. He said these googles/glasses were the only thing that helped him at work. They are Moisture Chamber Glasses. They were not perfect, but it helped make his eyes stop burning at work. Adding the 30-40x per minute blinking, warm compresses, and lid massaging after the warm/hot compresses brought his score from a 8/10 daily pain to a 2/10 on average.

He said these goggles/glasses also helped with the allergy season which made his eyes worse.

Panoptx is the brand. 

When it is really bad, he will put more tape around the edges, his eyes get that irritated even with a humidifier near him at all times. His meibomian gland score is 2 out of 3 with few glands left. 

He bought the ones above. The one here below looks similar, but I do not know anyone who has tried the below. If you have tried, the below, please let me know.

Another patient who is a professional skier uses these googles even when she is not skiing.

I found Dry Eye Glasses Readers at this site:

I have no financial interest in any of these companies. I just hope they provide real relief to my patients. 

Sandra Lora Cremers, MD, FACS

Note: all proceeds on any Amazon products links go to Visionary Eye Foundation which is helping me raise money for research dry eyes. Our latest project is: injecting one’s own concentrated stem cells into one’s own dying meibomian gland to see if we can revive it. I have 5 patients signed up but working on IRB approval and raising funds to ideally try it on animals first. If you are interested please let us know.

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