Tobacco/Smoking was the Addictive Problem of our Parents, Sugar/Carbohydrates is the Addictive Problem of Our Generation, and Electronic Screens/smartphones/apps/video games is the Addiction Problem of Our Children

This Amazon Prime program is wonderful at showing the comparison of the Tobacco lobby and the Sugar/refined Carbohydrates Lobby.

It is a must see…as long as you take breaks and blink.

The Show is called:

Fed Up

Sugar is poison. I have been saying this for years as has my Cardiothoracic- father-surgeon.

We DO need to demonize the Sugar industry and all the industries who advertize to kids to get them addcited to sugar, soda and high-carbohydrate foods. Say it as it is. The Sugar industry and lobby is happy to get our kids addicted to sugar for profit. They don’t mind if these kids need bariatric surgery, drop dead of heart attacks or strokes or go blind from diabetic retinopathy.

We should all be horrified by the idea that Pizza Hut, Coca Cola and other sugary/refined  corporations are advertising in our schools and subsidizing our kid’s school lunches!

It is true that more and more kids average US schools are getting fatter and the rates of morbid obesity are increasing dramatically.

As an eye surgeon we are already seeing younger people with diabetes and cataract and even diabetic retinopathy.

Still, the parallel between how the Tobacco industry used to have the Flinstones smoking cigarettes and sponsoring the Flinstones and then the Sugar industry pushing sugar cereal on tv adds and shows is striking to what is happening with the next generation of addiction: your electronic device. 

This may be the worst of them all.

IBM, Apple, Dell, and most computer companies have been pushing their devices into the hands of school children and even day cares. They have every incentive to get you and your kids and babies addicted as soon as possible. Kids are now are so addicted to their smartphone that they are forgetting to blink and leading to an epidemic of dry eye complaints globally. The more kids are on their phones, the more they will become consumers and get addicted to video games and other items someone can make money from.

We have to protect our kids from these addictions.

Our kids deserve healthy air at school, healty water at school, healthy meals at school, and a healthy envirnoment to learn without electronic screens all around and at home.


In case you missed it on the video: Here are some take home points we try to use at our home:

Foods safe to eat for kids that are not controversial unless there is an allergy:
1. Water (avoid fruit juice like poison); avoid all soda like poison
2. Fresh wild salmon and fish from low mercury locations
3. Green leafy vegetables ideally organic, Kale, Spinach, Romaine lettuse (avoid iceburg lettuce as not enough nutrition). Other veggies are good too, just avoid “just peas & carrots” as they have more natural sugars compared to others. Avoid corn if you can but a better choice than bread which is like poison.
4. Nuts & seeds
5. Avoid excessive cows milk like poison. Avoid chocolate milk like poision.
6. Teach your kid to like unsweetened almond milk
7. Choose Lean meats like organic chicken & turbky which is better than carbohydrates
8. Whole Fruit is a good choice but not too much either as fructose (fruit sugar) is sugar. The fiber in fruit makes it less bad than corn syrup but you can get diabetes from eating too much fruit.
9. Stevia: not excessive either but a better alternative
10. Snacks we eat at home: kale chips, seaweed, pistacchios, roasted pecans. green yogurt, recipes with almond flour & stevia, beef jerky without nitrates if splurging.

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