Top Ten Goals for Parents for 2020

The year 2020 is around the corner. For years, I’ve heard of the year 2020 as some mystical, magical, time in the future when all ills would be cured. We’d all be living on the moon or some other celestial planet. Things would be much simpler. Peace would rule.

Though, such a heavenly picture of 2020 may not come to pass. There are 10 top goals we can each aim for in our family trees. These are things to pray for and strive for. Most are within our reach.

10. Divorce becomes obsolete. Don’t even think of it as an option. Communication between couples and child raising becomes such a science that miscommunications, feelings of emotions un-satisfied, frustrations, resentment, and other marital ills become a thing of the past. It will alwasy take hard work to learn how to be a better communicator and teach this to our kids, but the science is there. If you you have never attending one such course called Family Enrichment, read on and sign up! See

9. Harmonious communication with children, siblings, parents, friends become the absolute norm. There are so many techniques (like the case series method of Family Enrichment (International Federation of Family Enrichment)) and great books about communication. Look up and sign up:

8. Say “I am sorry” first in any argument or in any mistake. This takes a bit of practice and can be painful each time to yourself. But showing your kids how to be gracious when you make a mistake goes a long way!

7. Give each one of your kids a kiss and a hug every day even if they do not want one. A hug decreases blood pressure in kids even if they look like they hate hugs. Persevere and look into your child’s eye especially your teen and say “I love you!”

6. Date night or date lunch or date breakfast. It is a must to keep the love alive when there are little ones in the house. Life is so busy for everyone. But having the love die in your marriage is a real time waster and makes everything horrible (see on the terrible effects of divorce on your health and your kids health). Making time for date night, which might be tough, is worth the constant fight to carve in time with your spouse. Even if you are not on talking terms, go for a walk. It is amazing how praying the rosary together when you are super angry at each other does create some peace: yes, I’ve been there 🙂

5. Write love letters to your spouse and kids. Keep a little journal and make entries for every child on their birthday or Christmas or Easter. As the years go by, it will be a joy for you and for them eventually to see how they have grown, who their friends were, what their challenges and triumphs were each year. I love doing this and take mine when I go on retreat to fill them up. I have one for my husband as well.

4. Line your kids up to greet dad and mom. If your hubby has had a hard day at work, surprise him by lining the kids up for a smooch and cheer. I need to do this today myself!! Pray I can get it together and do it!

3. Kiss your spouse passionately in front of the kids. It was so old school to not show affection to your spouse. Show your kids that marriage is for life and can be fun.

2. Make your home a bright & cheerful home. This is a constant struggle for all parents, particularly if both are working. But it is worth the effort every day and to have your kids know you are trying the best you can to stay cheerful.

1. The most important thing parents can give their children in unconditional love and affection. This can definitely mean tough love at times. We should never give in to their every desire and need. We need to teach them delayed gratification at an early age, for instance. But being cheerful, loving, and holy is key to being a great parent and will always be.

Top Ten Goals for Parents for 2020

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