Updated Step Ladder

Since its last posting of my “Step Ladder for Dry Eye and Allergy,” we have now had 5 patients start Oxervate, 4 patients use Cord Blood Serum, and 4 patients have Autologous Stem Cell insertion into meibomian glands with stem cell drops.

While it is still too early to say if how effective Oxervate is, all of our patients have noted that Autologous Stem Cell Insertion and Cord Blood Serum use improved symptoms. The long term benefit is still not clear, though. One of the 4 patients who had Autologous Stem Cell Insertion was relieved of eye pain for 3 months but symptoms returned. The other 2 patients have had a total decrease in symptoms beyond 3 months. The last patient has almost full relief of symptoms still at 2 months out.

All of our patients who used CBS said it provided significant relief compared to all other treatments. One of the 4 patients who used CBS said it helped tremendously while she used it but over 4 months, her symptoms, though not as bad as before, started to come back. 

Which is better for neuropathy, Oxervate or Cord Blood Serum? No one has done the study.
I suspect CBS would hold up very well to the $97,000 price tag per eye cost of Oxervate. Still no randomized, controlled study has been done yet.

Here is the updated Step Ladder for 2019.


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