What to do if I get a Chemical in my eye? What is pH of Old Spice Deodorant

A friend’s child accidentally got Old Spice deodorant in his eye and had pain after. 

The pH of old spice is 3-5 which is acidic. This is better than alkaline products but still can cause damage to the cornea and conjunctiva. 
What should one do if you get a chemical in your eye?
Usually we flush for about 30min, check pH with strip and keep flushing until pH is 7; give ibuprofen for pain. 
If you do not have a pH strip or if product was bleach or unclear, call 911 as you keep flushing. Bleach can permanently destroy an eye so it is important to keep flushing the eye trying to get water also under the eyelids. 
Once one sees the eyeMD or OD, we can determine if there is a corneal abrasion which is usually present, determine how red the eye is (redness is a good thing after a chemical burn as opposed to the eye being blanched white and cells destroyed from chemical). 
We use one or more of the following depending on how bad the burn is:
1. Antibiotic ointment and or drops 
2. Steroid ointment and or drops depending if there is a corneal abrasion. 
3. Autologous serum and or Platelet rich plasma
4 Prokera amniotic membrane. 
5. Recommend: Eat a low inflammatory diet with increased vitamin C
6. Don’t smoke. 
7. Ibuprofen and or Percocet, etc for pain 
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